International Fastener Expo

Come see us September 17 – 19
We will be at booth #1552

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Mandalay Bay Convention Center,
Bayside D-E, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Excellence in Service

We as a company pride ourselves on superb customer service. Showing Value Added service and solutions. By testing and engineering TAP’S specific to the customer’s applications. In that process is where we Guarantee Cost Savings.

Nomura’s Network

Nomura’s International Network ensures prompt delivery of all products renowned around the world for quality. Thanks to an international network covering over 20 countries, Nomura guarantees quick access to the quality products your company needs. No matter where you are, Nomura delivers the same superior technology enjoyed by our customers in Japan.

The Global Leader in Bent Shanks and Nut Taps

Located in Clawson Michigan, we service the entire United States.

Nomura embraces three core values: Quality, Cost and Efficiency – to deliver quality products that exceed customer expectations.

Enabling cost reduction balanced with quality concerns? Prioritizing on-time product delivery to help ease deadline pressure on customers? These are part of our commitment to making customers happier.

Through high-quality services and technologies, we want our TAP’S touching the lives of billions of people around the globe. These are our goals and intentions…. As always, as ever.

We thrive on quick deliveries, high quality and consistent performance with Guaranteed Cost Savings.

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