Nomura Tool Products

Bent Shank Taps

NIB Taps

NTW Screw Type NIB Taps

Nut Taps

Other Tap Types

Hand Taps (Short Machine Taps)

Spiral Pointed Hand Taps

Spiral Fluted Hand Taps

Spiral Fluted Taps (With a Bent Shank)

Spiral Pointed Taps

Thread Forming Taps (Fluteless Taps)

Thread Forming Taps With a Pilot Guide Brush (With a Bent Shank)

Pilot Guide Taps (With a Bent Shank)

The Taps With a Pilot Guide Brush

Type R Nib Taps (Solder Type)

Trapezoidal Thread Taps

Pipe Taps

Tandem Taps

Multiple Thread Taps


The above taps are only samples of our taps. If you do not find a suitable tap type, please feel free to contact us.

Full Line Up of Nomura Taps

♦ Bent shank Taps (welded)
♦ Torset Type Nib Taps
♦ Screw Type Nib Tap
♦ “R” Type Nib Taps
♦ “H” Type Nib Taps
♦ Pilot Taps
♦ Reamer Taps
♦ Tandem Taps
♦ Thread Forming / Flute less Taps
♦ Left Hand Spiral Fluted Taps
♦ Spiral Pointed Taps
♦ Multiple Thread Taps
♦ Trapezoidal Thread Taps
♦ Taps for Helical Coil Wire Screw
♦ Thread Insert (STI)
♦ Coil Thread Taps
♦ Bent shank Reamers
♦ Nib Reamers
♦ TIN Coated Taps
♦ TICN Coated Taps
♦ TIALN Coated Taps
♦ Oxidized Taps
♦ Nitride and Oxidized Taps
♦ Straight Shank Taper Taps
♦ Nut Taps
♦ Short Machine / Hand Taps
♦ Long Shank Taps
♦ Spiral Fluted Taps (Right & Left)
♦ Spiral Pointed Taps
♦ Morse Taper Shank Taps
♦ Taper Pipe Taps
♦ Parallel Pipe Taps
♦ Bent Shanks For Nib Taps
♦ Straight Shanks for Nib Taps
♦ Straight Shanks with Square for Nib Taps