A Global Minded Company:

Nomura provides solutions finely-tuned to individual customers around the world. We not only create, but maintain optimal specifications beyond different TAP processing environments. Customer demands are diverse, and more flexible manufacturing systems are necessary. So our day-to-day research and development continues in this light. Unending pursuit of customer satisfaction in the global marketplace. That’s what Nomura’s technologies and services are all about.

Always in Progress:

In today’s market where products turn obsolete so soon so fast, demands are rising for more durable, more functional, yet more conservation-oriented TAP”S. Nomura’s lightweight and recyclable TAP’S using materials difficult to machine are part of the examples pointing to this trend. In the ever changing global landscape and customer needs, Nomura stays proactive with our enhanced research and development body, learning to grow, changing to keep our services and technologies up to date.

Nomura’s Network

Nomura’s International Network ensures prompt delivery of all products renowned around the world for quality. Thanks to an internetional network covering over 20 countries, Nomura guarantees quick access to the quality products your company needs. No matter where you are, Nomura delivers the same superior technology enjoyed by our customers in Japan.


The overall process of wotking with Nomura was an extremely satisfactory experience. Everything was laid out to them and followed to the “T”!  Our deadline was made and we even saved a little money using Nomura.

– Steve Orr